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Meet the Midwife


My Mission Statement

My journey into Midwifery started off slowly following the birth of my second son, whom I birthed at home. I knew I had to be a part of this world in some capacity; to what degree was the question. I began training as a Doula in 2014 and completed my training after 16 months of slowly getting the right number of births that would "count." I wanted more. While being a Doula was fulfilling, I was missing the thing that drew me to birth in the first place. I sought the advice of the Midwife that helped me birth my son, and she offered to take me on as an assistant. My Doula training and Midwifery training were worlds apart. My Doula training taught me to intervene, help, and coach, while my Midwifery training taught me to be calm, be still, and above all, be wise. After a big life change and move, I found myself looking for a new apprenticeship, which I found in Mesa, AZ. It was the first time I was asked if I wanted to continue assisting or if I wanted to become a Midwife... an option I didn't even know I had. It was at this point that I decided to become licensed. I worked in the valley practicing Midwifery skills and ultimately left my second apprenticeship to complete my journey in a more fast paced practice. My final apprenticeship helped to round out all my edges and pushed me to complete this journey. I am eternally grateful to each of these women for giving me the wide variety of midwifery approaches I use to be holistic, creative, and safe in my own practice. 

As a Midwife, I believe that it is my responsibility to provide complete care for families emotionally and physically through the duration of their pregnancy. I believe that each birth is unique and I try to give each person a unique experience, free of bias or judgement. Most importantly, health and safety guide my practice, with happy moms and babies being paramount. 

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Your birth


My support system

Becoming a Midwife is tough and requires a full commitment from family and friends. Mine have been there through the triumphs and the tears and have been my biggest fans. My network is such a blessing to me and I could not have done any of this without them. My three sons, Elijah, Oliver, and Coyote are rock stars and my husband Ben is quite possibly the most understanding man alive. I owe this job to them. 

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