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Why is it


Who's in the biz?

We love to give our phase two student, Kiana, the opportunity to process our client's placentas for us. 

If you'd like to get in touch with her for these services drop us a message below. 


Placentophagy has been around for hundreds of years, with literature spanning all over the world. Cultures used it for symbolism, spirituality, and health benefits. Today we have seen an increase in the used of the human placenta to treat postpartum depression, help with a low milk supply, and promote healing. 


So what are the facts?

After watching the video above you may find that placenta encapsulation is still a very grey area. As a Midwife, I have found both positive and negative results with consumption. I've seen mood changes that have been both helpful and harmful as well as milk supply increases and decreases. 


With all that said, it's up to you. You may benefit or you may not, and the cost is minimal if you feel compelled to try.  



In the news

What's the cost?
Current costs for encapsulation are between $250-$300
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