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Here to support your journey from first look to last latch

Now offering 
$10 lactation
home visits for non-clients!

counseling at its finest 

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Breast feeding your baby is such a rewarding experience for both of you. The nutrients that you can give your baby are second to none, the cost of breastfeeding is zero, and the bonding can't compare...

But it is HARD!

Breastfeeding takes time, patience, and devotion. Sometimes it is just not a possibility, and THAT'S OK. I want you to be happy in whatever you choose and I want to be there to help you have the best outcome for whatever your decision may be. Breast feeding does not come easily to all moms and not all babies have the ability to nurse without causing their mothers pain. Some moms work, some births are hard, and sometimes emotions get in the way. 


If you do want to breast feed and its just not working, I'm confident we can get to the bottom of the issue and have it resolved.  

Up coming classes on nursing:

While our office always open for support, our next group session will be

FEB 14th

at 10 am

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